Figma versus Sketch battle

Written by

Alexandr Lobachev,

Figma vs. Sketch: Which Tool Is Better?

12 min read

Figma and Sketch are the tools that help specialists make attractive and functional designs in a short time. The battle between them is fierce, so it’s difficult to understand which tool makes it possible to deliver efficient design solutions, and this article is about to figure it out.

Creating a mobile app prototype on paper and digitally

Written by

Alexander Roznovsky,

How to Prototype a Mobile App

8 min read

Sometimes customers tend to overlook mobile app UI prototyping as they do not fully understand its importance and goals. This article will prevent you from doing this mistake by giving useful information on advantages of mobile app prototyping and its vital role in the software development process.

UX drawing solutions

Written by

Pikulsky Stanislav,

Web Design: How UX Helps Companies to Increase Profit

6 min read

Websites and mobile applications always must be the final product of smart user experience design. User interface plays an equally important role in the business success of a corporate website, because without proper visual aesthetics there won`t be enough brand loyalty from visitors.

Web design risky trends

Written by

Alexandr Lobachev,

6 Risky UI/UX Trends in Web Design

4 min read

Web design is the process that should always include cooperation of UI and UX design specialists. Using trends in web design may not be as good as it seems, especially when it comes to websites that must stick to the corporate identity and ensure best user experience

Web design drawing in notebook

Written by

Alexandr Lobachev,

4 Important Things Everyone Should Know About UX Design

5 min read

Good user experience design is the one that turns design process steps into something that makes all users want to spend more time on a certain website or an application as well as visit it over and over again, because of its usability and pleasing visual aesthetics.

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