Our team created a custom web platform designed for scraping data from trusted websites and analyzing the popularity of cryptocurrency based on the collected information. The system continually analyzes data on all ICOs and presents the results in multiple hype charts.
Several mockups of Hypeanalysis

ICO Data Mining and Analysis

This cryptocurrency analytics platform aggregates essential and relevant information on all initial coin offerings (ICOs) by scraping data from news on trusted resources. The system fills its database automatically and on a daily basis. After data is collected and analyzed, it is presented to the platform users in a variety of charts. Also, each cryptocurrency has an overall coin ranking (HypeIndex) calculated with a unique formula.
Several mockups of Hypeanalysis1

Advantages for Business

This platform can bring profit in several ways. First, the client successfully monetizes the platform by using it as a placement for smart advertising. Second, the service can be monetized with the subscription model. This system is highly useful for all traders and investors because they get all ICOs’ reviews and stats in one place, and they are willing to pay for the profit-bringing information. Third, data scraping, processing, and analyzing functionalities give our client a full picture of the cryptocurrency market, so they are the first to know what ICO is the best one to invest in and can use this information for personal profit.

Business Intelligence

All analytical data is presented in numerous illustrative charts.

80+ Spiders

They gather relevant information from trusted news sites on a daily basis.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Retail, Advertising, Entertainment

Technical Implementation

All functional elements were developed with the most suitable technologies, primarily Python and ReactJS. In addition to the data mining functionality realized by over 80 scraping spiders, we implemented the measurement of ICO mentions in media, stylized visual representation, HypeIndex calculation, and cryptocurrency popularity comparison. While working on the project, our specialists provided active consulting services and helped to make the platform most optimized and fast. Our expertise in business analytics helped to increase the reliability and efficiency of this cryptocurrency analytics service. We additionally enhanced the platform with SEO optimization, keyword search statistics, and others.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Platforms that mine, analyze, and present data in a convenient format are beneficial for companies of all types and sizes. With a similar platform, you won’t need to do market research because the system will do it for you automatically. Big Data and machine learning make such platforms most useful for business because, in addition to showing current trends, they give insights on future trends, thus giving the advantage over business competitors.
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