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Our team created a complex platform that comprises an admin control panel system, a website, and two separate mobile applications – for car dealers and their customers. The platform optimizes, automates, and simplifies the car purchase process for managers and buyers.
Design of web and mobile apps for car deals

Multitenant Dealership Platform

Our client needed a system where car dealers across the United States could optimize their car loan and client management processes. As a result, the platform we built allows managers to create deals, custom sets of tasks, receive notifications on the client’s progress, view information on prices, orders, sales, etc. At the same time, customers can use a mobile app to see the information on all personal car deals, actions to accomplish, progress on the active deal, upload required documents (driver’s license, insurance, etc.), and more.
Design of web and mobile apps for car deals1

Advantages for Business

This platform allows to speed up the car purchase process by automating the work of managers and optimizing the efforts of customers. Instead of visiting the manager to give them gathered documents, customers simply upload them via the app. At the same time, managers get notified on the progress and approve or decline documents in real time. Also, they don’t need to spend time and resources on document digitization. The platform is easy to monetize by offering this service to companies selling vehicles.

Minutes Instead of Days

What once took days to accomplish is now reduced to several minutes.

2 is Better Than 4

Hybrid applications require less time and costs on development and maintenance.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Fintech, Real Estate, Travel

Technical Implementation

Since it is a multitenant platform, each car dealer has their own isolated server with encrypted documents, images, and other data. The server side is responsible for processing uploaded and entered data, and generating contracts as a PDF with customers’ digital signature. BI and IoT technologies were used for convenient visualization of graphs and charts and tracking the client’s vehicle. Both mobile applications for managers and customers were made hybrid with React Native to cover iOS and Android platforms with two pieces of software instead of creating four native ones to serve the same purposes. The mobile app for managers is identical to the web admin system but has limited functionality. The system also has integration with the official state database.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Software that helps to automate and optimize processes is always effective for business. In terms of this case study, our platform reduces the time and efforts of managers spent on each deal. Also, it improves customer experience by minimizing the number of required actions and the necessity to communicate with the manager. Such systems can be even more efficient and financially rewarding with advanced technologies like ML, blockchain, and others.
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Technologies used:
React Native
Ruby on Rails
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